Thursday, January 3, 2008


Time to start the new year and get back to posting on this little blog. I gave up drinking coffee about two years ago. Most people assume it was because of the caffeine.
This was not the case because I continued to drink green tea. I got into the habit of making a pot of really nice green tea in an electric percolator every morning and then drinking most or all of the pot of tea throughout the day. Thats a lot of tea! And a lot of caffeine. I was recently told that my blood pressure was elevated when I had some minor surgery, so I decided then and there to eliminate my caffeine intake. No more pots of tea. I am now drinking herbal teas and chinese medicinal teas by the individual tea bag. Boiling the water takes time and patience. I can no longer just walk into the kitchen and instantly pour myself another mug of tea. Slowing down and taking the time to prepare an individual cup of tea is much closer to the traditions of teaism. I feel the difference in my body and mind without the caffeine surging through my system.

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