Wednesday, May 28, 2008

The Zen of Gardening

A friend of mine is a gardener in London and her garden space is what I dream about when I long for old brick walls and worn down potting sheds and ageless English garden style. Her garden has all of this and more....even a resident family of Foxes!

She was describing the process of removing snails from her lettuce beds....removing one and tossing it out of the way....finding another and tossing it as well..... another...another.... and next morning, tossing another. All very Zen-like she thought.
And I agree. Much of gardening has a Zen like quality to it. Hard and persistent work. A patient attitude. Birth, death, and re-birth. Tossing snails out of the way. Playing with the baby foxes. Mothering the tomato plants.

I love everyday in my garden, and in the gardens of my dreams.


saturday's child said...

Awww. Today, I was telling the toads to hop faster to get out of my way. I wanted to walk the path but couldn't see them only hear them but like the slugs and snails can't bear to squash them. :D Everyday a new wildlife adventure in the big city.

MitMoi said...

Gahhh - you all. I guess I'm just not so tender hearted - or more mercenary than Zen.

If I ever went OUT into my yard - I'd just kill anything that irritated me.

I guess maybe THAT's the benefit of my laziness - small things live longer.