Saturday, December 8, 2007

a poem, just because....

seed fury by C H Paquette

Washing My Face

Dawn at the kitchen sink, sunrise still
an hour off, and out the window
the birch tree's swirling: a wind through the courtyard's
done it, stirred the loosening leaves
among dozens of goldfinches frantic
in its branches, feeding on the fat catkins,
and even in this soft, constant mist of rain
the tiny petals, nearly iridescent, glitter
as they fall, a snow of shed skins annointing
the phalanxes of blown irises and the black cat, Lily,
who rises through it all
to take the most careless finch,
just as the rest of the flock, as one - a wedge
of child-sized feathery fists - blinks
from the limbs and vanishes
down the canyon wall
even before Lily hits the ground, before
the column of water fallen from the faucet
enters the dry, open basin of my hands.

byRobert Wrigley
from 'Earthly Meditations: New and Selected Poems'

Thanks to Fiona Robyn for sending along a favorite poem, just because....

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