Friday, November 30, 2007

more joy of fishes....

Northwoods Waterfall by C H Paquette

Water rushes around my feet. I am anchored to earth by the sheer weight of me and all the thoughts I carry in my head. The strength of the current demands I leave those thoughts behind and give all my concentration to the river. I am not as strong as the boulders just upstream – for they do not tremble in the swift current as I do. But at this moment, as I lose my worries and cares, I am balanced and equal to the water.

Fly casting is a way of meditation for me. Watching the water slip over the boulders, slide down the rock chute and into the pool puts me into a trance. The water as it glides over the rocks – is a sheet of movement – yet fixed in shape. I always shake myself a bit and remind myself to look beyond the water for the fish, hiding inside.

So it is with life. I must learn to lay down my troubles and pay attention to the beauty around me, and be sure it is joy which anchors me to this world, instead of anxiety and fear. I am not as strong as the boulders in the river, yet they too can give way if the current becomes too swift. Doubts and anger dislodge progress and happiness, just as easy as the water dislodges the boulders. I remind myself to look beyond the chaos and see "my fish" hiding inside.

-Story submitted by MitMoi , a writer and blogger and good friend from North Carolina

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J. Randall Updegrove said...

Nice writing MitMoi. Makes me think of the premise and last paragraph of the book "A River Runs Through It" which was written about the Blackfoot River near here.....