Monday, October 29, 2007

painting across time...

Thimble Jellies

A flock of mini pepper-pots
they float in cornflower blue
blowing kisses at the sky.

The red-brown cloud at their centres
is alive, hungry for the light
that has pierced the skin of the sea.

Over the weekend Harald Schmid submitted his Corn Flower photograph. Harald lives in Austria and took this photograph in 1977. I knew I wanted to post this image as soon as I saw it but I felt it needed a poem to go with it.

This morning Fiona Robyn, who lives in Hampshire, England sent me her Thimble Jellies poem and it immediately felt right for Harald's photograph. Fiona writes beautiful minimalist poetry on a small stone

30 years later and from many miles away....Fiona has given Harald's flowers the colour they were searching for....


Harald said...

Hi Christopher,
I was out for a few days and just now I found the link to Wabi Blogi.
Christopher, thanks a lot. You grafted my photography and Fiona Robyn did the same. Now I will explore deeper. All the fantastic poems and interesting links make me happy. Unfortunately it takes me some time because I'm not very familiar with English you can see. The first time I get involved with Wabi Sabi was in Greece during a Summer Academy eight years ago, then we made pottery.
Thanks for all, Harald

Sol Exposure said...

beautiful floral poetry can also be found by May Sarton.